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Bible Correspondences

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Bible Correspondence Courses
The Way To A Happy Life The Gospel Of John Know What You Beleive Gospel Of Mark
The Book Of Acts


>Begin A Correspondence Course

Read Instructions Carefully before you begin


Please select as your first course of study: THE WAY TO A HAPY LIFE, select one course at a time in each course of study. Each lesson is available in pdf and may be downloaded by clicking on the corresponding link; complete and return to The People’s Cathedral at mailing address:

Bible Correspondence Course

c/o The People’s Cathedral

P.O. Box 636C



DO NOT BEGIN ANOTHER COURSE UNTIL THE PREVIOUS ONE IS RETURNED BY MAIL TO YOU. (However you may read ahead on your Bible references)

1. Read very carefully the portion, including any Scripture references, from which questions are taken. Do not read only to find the answers but make sure you fully understand what the lessons are all about before answering the questions.

2. Read the questions carefully and make sure you understand what you are required to do. When you are sure you have found the correct answer, write it neatly in the space provided.

3. In the case where you are asked to answer a question according to some particular verses, read the verse carefully, find the answer and then write it.

4. When you are asked to write out a particular verse from some chapter, make sure you find the correct verse and write it neatly in the space provided.

5. When you are required to answer a question with “True” or “False”, “x” or “o”, do only what you are asked to do.

6. Always keep your Bible close at hand to check on Bible references.

7. Always make sure your name and address is written in the space provided on each sheet of paper before mailing to us. Unless this is done we will not be able to return your lesson.

8. Never forget that the main purpose of these courses is not only for you to gain a certificate, but for you to get you grounded in Christ.

9. Once you have started the course try to continue to the end. If a course is not returned in two weeks’ time, please contact us by e-mail and let us know.

10. Most importantly, before you start any of the courses, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and to help you to understand what you read.