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Rev. André Symmonds

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A Servant of the Lord

Rev. André Symmonds is the newly appointed Senior Pastor of The Peopl's Cathedral.

A Career:

After graduating from Secondary (High) school, André started working at one of the island’s leading retail companies, Da Costas Ltd. (Now Da Costa Mannings). This being his first “real” job, he was introduced at the “bottom-of-the-ladder,” as Mail clerk. There, he worked faithfully and shortly received promotion into the Customs Department. After gaining 3 years of valuable experience, he was further promoted into the Accounts Department. Here, he spent his final 3 years with Da Costas Ltd. as an Accounts Clerk.

A Calling:

It was during this time that André felt the tug of the Holy Spirit to become a “born-again” Christian. According to him, “he had nothing to lose and everything to gain!” As an avid D.J., he was enraptured by the latest songs, styles and gadgets. Searching for popularity and prestige amongst fellow jockeys, he played at innumerable fetes, jams, clubs and discotheques; much to the pleasure of thousands who hailed him as “D.J. Dr. Dre!” However, God used a series of “near-death” incidents to get his attention. He confesses: “If the Holy Spirit hadn’t drawn me - I wouldn’t have come!” Of course, a conversion of this nature was major, and everyone who knew him mocked him for it… at least for a while! Nevertheless, André remained resolute – he had a special calling that was yet to be revealed! Soon enough, the uneasy feeling of working in a secular environment became overbearing. It was only after he applied to attend Bible College that he felt an ease and a peace within himself. By the end of January 1996, André was accepted into Zion Bible College (formerly Zion Bible Institute) for the then upcoming fall semester. By this time, he had been saved for exactly 3 years. The elite company (Da Costas Ltd.) was “down-sizing,” and André was one of several employees to have been severed. However, he was perhaps the only jubilant one. Nothing could have been more timely! Having heard and heeded the call of God, to prepare for full-time ministry, André received approximately 7 years severance pay with which he was able to purchase his ticket to Zion Bible College, Rhode Island, U.S.A. (Indeed, God had made a way!)

A Caper:

Zion was not just an Educational Institution. It was in fact a place where André would learn more than just about the Word of God; he would learn about the God of the Word! He calls his Alma mater, an “Experience… a Caper!” He spent 4 of the best years of his life at Zion and had the distinguished privilege of being elected “Class President.” The much prized yet humbling position was one that best taught him the art of time management. He was the 1st International student on campus to serve all 4 years as President. He graduated amongst the top of his class with a ‘Bachelors of Arts’ in Theology (G.P.A.: 3.80.) Most importantly, André has an insatiable appetite for more of God and the things of God. He prides himself as being a servant of the Lord, whose first business is to apprehend those for whom he himself has been apprehended! His tenure at Zion was an adventure unparalleled where he received some of the finest training for both the ministry and for life itself. Prior to graduation, André knew that God would use him to impact the lives of numerous young people at his home church. And upon returning to The People’s Cathedral in the year 2000, he was installed as Youth Pastor where he has been faithfully serving ever since.

Finally, in December 2004, he became an Ordained Minister with The Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies Int’l (P.A.W.I.).  A few months later, on the 9th of April 2005, André exchanged nuptials with his gorgeous wife Consuelo Symmonds, during a memorable wedding ceremony, followed by a most royal gala.

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