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The Soul Reapers Drama ministry’s vision is to be used to its fullest potential in the Church, winning souls through powerful portrayal of the gospel in all the disciplines it pursues, and to encourage and edify the Body of Christ – creating the kind of ministry experience in which God unleashes the power of His Holy Spirit.

We always strive by the grace of God to dramatize the Gospel of Jesus Christ, His grace, love and mercy in a creative way. We achieve this by encouraging members of SRDM to honor God with their gifts and lives; to always minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit; to be always reverent and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Soul Reapers Drama ministry exhorts the people of God, encourage each other, and celebrate God’s faithfulness.

The ministry’s vision is being fulfilled beyond our major event: The Singing Tree, held during the Christmas period; running time of one week. Our ministry has become a regular part of the church program, where sketches/skits are being used powerfully to reach the hearts of men and women. The quality of writing and acting has improved tremendously. God continues to use us in major productions such as Heaven’s Gate Hell’s Flame, Last Chance, The Last Call, The Silent Killer, A Drama Fest, The Book and The Singing Tree.

We also take the ministry to community centers across Barbados; in addition we have the opportunity to minister at our Annual Dinner Theatre Ministry. We have seen many souls won to Christ through these productions and we are being blessed as a result. We have also ministered in Atlantic City at Grace Pentecostal Church; this was truly a blessed experience. The Soul Reapers Drama Ministry is thankful to God for giving us these opportunities and we will continue to let the Holy Spirit lead us in the direction he wants us to go.