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By Lisa Holder

In a world that exists without time and space there is a constant war going on between good and evil. It goes on and most of us are not aware. We are just about the business in our everyday lives only existing unaware of this battle that manifests in the spiritual atmosphere. This war has been going on since the beginning of time where the devil wanted to gain the deity of God. From that time onwards the devil has wanted us to be on his side and gain our souls. The side you choose whether God’s side or the devil’s side is up to you.

We as young people have to mindful of the traps the devil has placed in this world to capture our souls and which will lead us to eternal damnation, the pit of hell. The world in which we live in today has been revolutionized and the knowledge that our parents did not know about, we all have easy access to. Young people today are constantly bombarded by sexual images in every sphere of entertainment whether on television the radio or the internet. These images paint the wrong picture of what God truly intends for us and we are deceived.

Over the decades offenses, anger and violence have plagued our families, our schools and communities. Most often times this violence is channeled by drugs, guns, gangs and the ‘bad boy’ mentality. Persons hurt and kill in this age as second nature and no love exists out there in the devil’s world. The need for power and for money has infested our environment and we as humans seek by any means too find this power. With a need for power as young people there is a need to satisfy self and all wants. There is no time to think about others and how we can be a blessing to their life.

The devil and his army know the effects of his world and the tactics that he uses are very skillful, they have the ability to take us down with him. We as human beings like to feel good and most of us are in for a good time which may last only for moment. As we search and are satisfied with these moments of pleasure, we crave more and more. We want to feel and experience more of the pleasures of this world.

Being bombarded by these snares of the devil which have all been made attractive for our eyes and ears, we often run to them because it is liked and done by everyone. It makes you feel accepted, as though you belong somewhere and with someone. However this road that everyone likes is very broad and many travel it. As we choose to fulfill our fleshly desires, we also choose to belong to the army of the devil. His army however resides in eternal darkness, a world of eternal torment.

Young people some of who may be Christians experience a daily battle. Our desires of the flesh and the desires of the Spirit are contrary to one another. What the flesh takes pleasure in is opposite to what the spirit would wants or needs to do. In Galatians 5:17 says-For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things you wish. This ‘you’ refers to us who may be Christians.

The flesh is basic human nature, with its frailties both physically and morally. It also refers to our passions and to be of a carnal mind. In my mind it always relates to something that is only here for a time. It is subject to death and destruction, can easily be wasted away and has no solid stance being naturally weak.

The battle between the Spirit and the flesh goes on in the human mind and we have to seek to be spiritually minded instead of carnally mined as found in Romans 8:5-14. We can see that although we may be are carnally minded we can still have hope through God in this daily battle. In order to overcome, we must stay in the fight and strengthen our spirit. The spirit has to be fed and fulfilled in order to overcome our lusts of the flesh.

Even Jesus had a struggle with His spirit and flesh in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus knew He was going to die, he knew he had to die. He was to take on the all the sins of man. This would fulfil His father's will.  It was even said He was going through so much agony at this point in time that His sweat were drops of blood. But  Jesus knew what He had come to earth for and that was to fulfill His father’s will and His father’s will was to establish the kingdom of heaven. Jesus knew he had to fulfill His will here on earth so that we would be able to enter into the Kingdom of heaven. It was only through Jesus that it could be done. When he did fulfill His will he rose again from His death and now we as Christians are able to live victoriously in Jesus Christ. We are not subject to death but to life eternally.

 The battle still goes on and we as Christians must be prepared to overcome the devil and our fleshly desires. As we know we do belong to the army of God. The battle will continue to go on until Jesus returns and takes us home with Him in heaven and we are therefore expected to use the whole armor of God. As found in Ephesians 6:13-18. First we must have our loins girt about with truth which allows for us to walk in integrity and the light. We need the breastplate of righteousness which although it may be a list of do’s and don’ts it needs a constant relationship with God in order to be fulfilled, it cannot be done in our own strength. Our feet should be shod with the gospel of peace which is the message that God expects us to spread to the world, the good news of peace to all who have not heard and do not know.

We also need the need the shield of faith which allows us to endure and be steadfast in our walk with God when trouble comes our way and we feel discouraged. Next is the helmet of salvation where it is used to guard our minds from the wiles and deceptions of the enemy. We also take on the Sword of the Spirit which can also be termed the Living Word of God. We cannot only survive from our thoughts alone but from the knowledge of God which is found in His word and use it as a weapon when the enemy attacks. Next is the need for prayer where it puts us into contact with the spiritual dimension and our eyes are opened to the wonders of God and the works of Satan. Finally is prayer which is vitally important and leads to the release of God’s power in our lives as Christians. We have to bind and loose those areas of our lives that have to be controlled by God.

Our God is a loving God and He intends for us to be in the world but not of the world. We have to make a stand as Christians and be ready for any attack of the enemy and that desire to fulfill our lusts. We can be deceived as people as many have been, many are and many will be. As a young generation let us be prepared to be set apart, to build God’s kingdom and overcome the daily battles that we face. As young people with God’s help we can overcome it and be strong in the army of the Lord. Choose the Lord’s side  and let Him have and keep your soul.