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By: Lenese Benons

Ball 1: Spirituality

Ball 2: Family/Relationship

Ball 3: Friends/Social

Ball 4: Physical well being

Ball 5: Work

We juggle these 5 balls through life, trying not to drop them. But in

doing so, we forget a very important fact.
Four of these balls which are Spirit, Family, Friends and Physical are glass

balls while the 5th one (Work) is a rubber ball.
If you drop one of the glass balls it shatters and takes a long time to collect

and rebuild, but if you drop the work-ball, guess what... it will bounce back. So what is the point of this story?
Too many people these days are forgetting which ball they can afford to drop. So what happens? People end up dropping one of the glass balls because they start to convince themselves that the “work ball” is made of glass and that one of the other balls like family, relationship or spiritual if dropped, will just bounce back.
Trust me! Don't ever get confused! There is only one rubber ball.  Certain glass balls when broken may never be fixed, and one has to live with those decisions.

So whenever you are making a decision try to remember the juggling act above which I do call life.