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Treasured Trees (true stories)

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by: Rev. André Symmonds

OH MY GOSH!!! I found it!  I found it!  I found it… underneath the roots of this tree!

Such were the shouts from a little boy who was heard playing “Treasure Hunt” one day, just moments before dusk turned to dark.  In no time at all, his friends gathered around the big tree whose roots were now a focal point of attention.  Never before had that tree been such a point of interest.  But now the secret was out!  Everyone knew that its roots held the evening’s most prized possession – the treasure had been found!

Reflecting upon this true story took my thoughts to another tree, whose roots held and still hold the most prized possession in the entire world.  Here, beneath this tree every boy, girl, man and woman, can discover a hidden treasure that is irreplaceable!  It is the treasure that people the world over are still searching for; perhaps more diligently now than ever before, seeing as we approach the twilight era.  With each passing day Christ’s return hastens our way.  This generation enjoys the final rays of the Son’s shine. The night is coming…!  As has been so aptly stated, “We are in the toe-nails of time.”

I speak of Calvary’s tree.  Its roots run deep.  Christ’s Cross had been hewn from a tree (Acts 5:30), and was unwittingly and strategically placed by a band of cruel soldiers, on Golgotha’s mountain-side.  At the root (foot) of the Cross gallons of Holy, Sinless Blood poured liberally, down through the mountain’s cracks and crevices until at last… it fell upon the Mercy Seat.  This was the place at the top of The Ark of the Covenant, which had been miraculously hidden hundreds of years before.  (2 Chronicles) alludes to its miraculous removal by Divine intervention.  Thus, at the proverbial root of Christ’s Cross (tree) there was a treasure that the world would forever dip into by faith.  For all who plunge beneath the Blood of Jesus by faith, rise to eternal life with Him as their Saviour!  They experience their sins forgiven!

Let us take a leaf out of this little boy’s book.  He stumbled upon the root of a tree and discovered his treasure.  And oh, how ecstatic he was!  If we heed this lesson, we may well discover a greater treasure still; the treasure of the Sinless Blood of Jesus Christ.  So look upon it - ebbing from Christ’s veins and flowing down His Cross, way beyond the Golgotha slope, filling the lives and flooding the hearts of multiplied millions of born-again believers.  I wonder, have you personally trusted in this priceless treasure?  If not, why not?

Never before has this insignia been such a point of interest!  So, gather your friends.  By faith, invite them to encircle the Cross with you.  Everyone should know that its roots still hold our evening’s most prized possession.

This treasure must be found before it’s too late!

Listen now!  I can almost hear the shouts of the Heavenly host.  They’re saying, “We found it!  We found it!  We found it… underneath the roots of this tree!”

Respectfully Submitted by: Rev. André Symmonds

The People’s Cathedral