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Mysterious Mist (In the midst of a revival)

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The Night of the Mysterious Mist! (A true story)
By: Rev. André Symmonds
Sunday, November 8, 2009: minutes before our scheduled 6pm service.
There was the regular buzz in and around the sanctuary of the People’s
Cathedral, located on Bishop’s Court Hill, St. Michael, Barbados.
The worship team and pastoral staff huddled for their usual pre-service prayer. However, this service was to be anything but usual! Short prayer was made for the Spirit of God to have His way, after which the three-dozen ministers who were still assembled in prayer, erupted into tongues and spontaneous praise; synonymous with Pentecostal belief and behaviour.
Moments later they ascended the platform. The 6 O’clock hour had not gone, when “spur-of-the-moment” prayers began to precipitate the atmosphere in the main sanctuary. The “much talked about” core-group of zealous youth who make-up the Youth Worship Team and Band, could only be heard offering-up strong prayer! Not a single note was sung or played until 20 minutes later. For the next 40 minutes after that, their worship and perpetual praise in song and dance was exhilarating; punctuated only by proclamations and declarations which incited congregants to enter into deeper levels of adulation.
Subsequently, a duet, a group, and a couple soloists took turns in sharing their musical renditions, much to the delight of an already impelled and highly motivated congregation. Senior Pastor Holmes Williams, ably interspersed these items with prayer, an altar-call, and brief exhortations; challenging them to live solely and wholly unto God. It must have been during this period of time when security guards, stewards and a few others sitting near the sanctuary’s windows and doors, witnessed what looked like smoke. Some assumed that a fire had been lit, and if so, could result in imminent danger. Security personnel scouted the premises, heading towards what appeared to be the point of origin, only to discover that there was none! What left them bewildered was the fact that the apparent smoke - had no smell! How bizarre?
Of key note was the manner in which the “mist” (which it was then called), settled over and around the children’s play-ground, engulfing a dark-blue vehicle parked near-by. By this time the cloud was so dark, dense and thick, that the rear end of the vehicle could hardly be seen. This entire episode played out before the eyes of scores of parishioners, inclusive of the security personnel, some of whom bear no confession of the Lord Jesus. (Indeed, “signs and wonders” compel especially those who have no knowledge unto Salvation!)
At approximately 8:15pm an informal benediction was given. Some left, while others basked in the after-glow of what was an inspiring meeting, where persons had even dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ. As we basked, an elated member hurried up to the platform bearing news! He said, “A mist was seen on both sides of the building and it lifted around 8 O’clock!” Further investigation brought us to the point where we could accurately account for this local phenomenon.
What was most impactful, and will long live in the hearts and minds of those who tarried after the service was the residue found on one of a couple vehicles; the dark-blue car parked near the play-ground. For the first time ever we now have in our care, inexplicable and tangible evidence that could be swabbed and packaged for forensic testing.
The residue was coarse; dissolved when touched; glittered in the light; appeared to defy gravity, and seemed to be transparent when looked at through a wind-screen. Looking from the inside out was possible, but not so for those on the outside looking in! Cell phones and cameras crowded the immediate precinct as Believers sought the best vantage points. Youthful zeal overtook teenagers as they impulsively wrote the names of God, as well as their own initials on every available part of the car. They gave rapt attention to each other’s script, as the cloudy residue on the dark-blue paint gave-way to the gentle movement of their fingers. It was evocative!  
God’s timing is always perfect! His Word shall not return void and His will shall be accomplished in the earth! What we experienced at The Cathedral in Bridgetown Barbados was invaluable. But it is available to everyone who trusts in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. No denomination, church, pastor, worship leader, or team of ministers can get the glory! Let God be glorified and may His enemies be scattered!
We are not the first on the earth to see such an occurrence, and it is unlikely that we’ll be the last. Many believe this “local” phenomenon to be merely the beginning of things to come for the church of Jesus Christ in Barbados and across the Caribbean.
The Father is seeking worshippers. He is seeking a people who will worship Him, in spirit and in truth! (See Jn. 4:23, 24)
 © November 11, 2009