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Foundation Heart For Haiti

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Bro. Johan Smoorenburg has been at the helm of this missionary project from it’s inception twenty plus years ago.

This project consists of a self contained Children’s village and Church in the capital Port au Prince, a school and church in the mountainous area of Leogané as well as many other out-reaches across the island.

The Children’s Village

Within the children’s village can be found, six apartments which each house eight children along with a “Mother”. The mother is a Christian, Haitian woman who is chosen based on her love for children and her Christian character. The children are brought up as a family and are taught Christian family values. These children come from diverse backgrounds, many of them arrive as tiny babies who would not survive without the nurture and care they receive at the village. Some children are taken from abusive homes and are placed within the bounds of the orphanage for their protection.M

any of these children are orphans or cannot return to their homes because of the situation, therefore when they become young adults they have no families to return to. Foundation Heart for Haiti does not abandon them at this point but provides for these young adults so that they will be fit to be integrated into the Haitian society. The teenage girls and boys are housed on the compound in a “halfway house” where they are supervised by an older woman; however the responsibility lies with them. They are taught at this point to plan and prepare meals, take care of all housekeeping chores and also to budget with an allowance which they receive. At the age of eighteen, the young adults leave the village, at this point a job is found for each person and four males or females share an apartment until they are able to move on.

The village has a bakery, fresh water fish ponds, a plantain patch, a vegetable garden, fruits trees and they also rear pigs. A fresh water plant can also be found in the village which not only provides water for the village, but sells many gallons of clean water for a fraction of the normal cost to poor neighbours.

A Church and School are located on the grounds of the village. The School accommodates pre-school, primary and secondary age students, who are not only taught the basic academics but many of the children who come from regular Haitian homes are exposed to the Gospel. The Church is open to anyone who wishes to have a relationship with Jesus, and so persons from the environs of  Port au Prince assemble together on Sundays and during the week.


The School at Leogane provides a wonderful opportunity for children who would otherwise be robbed of an education because they live in a very mountainous area. These children would normally have to walk a day’s journey down the mountain in some instances to reach the nearest school, during the rainy season it became impossible to attend school.

This was also the case with the Church, however since the Church has been built many persons in the neighbourhood are able to attend services regularly.


Foundation Heart For Haiti also assists many other charitable organizations. Many Pastors are sponsored by the project, other orphanages are financed, and many children are given scholarships which enable them to attend school, since all schools in Haiti have to be paid for.

Bible School

The Bible School is now in its fourth year and ministers from around the nation are being trained to take the gospel.

Conference Centre

The conference centre hosts a number of seminars each year. It is an all inclusive facility which provides conference services, accommodations, food and stationery.

Senior Citizens home

Several elderly persons are not without hope, they are provided with a wonderful facility to spend their final days. Twenty-four hour nursing care is provided and a doctor is on call. This facility was recently renovated and is now ultra-comfortable.

Dental Clinic

Two dentists provide regular service for children of the village along with anyone seeking affordable dental service.