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You MUST stand-by for pics & reports on "2K9 CRUIZE LIME."  T'was the best attended of our events yet!

Youth Banquet (7th Anniversary)
November 3rd 2007
W O W   &   S U R P R I S E!!!
The Youth Synergy 7th Anniversary Banquet at the Sherbourne Conference Centre was
Close to 220 persons of all ages gathered to celebrate with the Youth of the People's Cathedral on Saturday, November 3rd - 6pm!  We had a punctual start!   And the 3-hour-long programme provided formally dressed patrons with plenty of food, fun and fellowship!  There was dance, drama, song, music, poetry and mime and the Youth Committee cleverly 'snuck' a mini-award ceremony into the evening's proceedings.
Youth Pastor André Symmonds and Associate Stephen Alleyne, were caught totally off guard!  They had no idea that they were going to be recognized and awarded for the last 7 yrs. of faithful service to the Youth Ministry of the People's Cathedral.
At the end of the evening, everyone had something special to say.  Attendees were full of praise and commendation for the excellent work that the Youth Committee (YSC) had done.  We were all so glad that we supported it!  A  number of persons were heard and quoted as saying, "This was more than I expected it to be...!"  WOW....!!
...We're exceptionally grateful to the following sponsorers:
  • Our Senior Pastors Rev. Dr. Holmes & Rosie Williams
  • Holborn Pharmacy
  • Dynamic Colour Imaging Inc.
  • AlvaTrotman - "Baskets & Flowers"
  • Codrington Riding Stables Inc.  &  J.S. Pest Control Inc.
  • Green Leaf Designs Inc.
  • Sewing World
  • Dr. David Jordan 

PLEASE check out our "7 yr. Synergy Slide" - produced by Madam Lydia :-)

 (NOW SHOWING on the Multi-media Video channel)


 Youth Crusade (New Orleans)

September 6th - 8th, 2007
"the playing-field became a "praying-field..."

Finally, September 6th - 8th, 2007 witnessed the Youth arm of T.P.C. making full use of the 45 ft. trailer...

(Scroll down for more...)
The Youth Crusade in the New Orleans, Westbury pasture was most memorable!  Meetings were held between September 6th & 8th (Thurs. - Sat.).  For many, it was actually a historic occasion.  It was the fulfillment of a promise which the Lord had made!  Approximately 7 years ago, a prophetic word had been spoken concerning the staging of Youth crusades on a large scale.

Finally, September 6th - 8th, 2007 witnessed the Youth arm of T.P.C. making full use of the 45 ft. trailer packed with platforms, tents, scaffolding, sound-equipment, lights, its own generator etc.  Numerous miracles took place during Friday night's altar-call when the "playing-field" became a "praying-field."

Forty-two (42) decisions for Christ were recorded, and only God knows how many countless seeds must have been sown while the Gospel was being sung and preached!

Aerial Trek:
Saturday September 1st, 2007




Ziplines' "Over the Top" adventure! adventure!
Several "very-favoured-youth" discovered this to be the ultimate experience yet!  The A.T.V. gave us the Land - the Sea-Spi gave us the Sea - and now the Aerial Trek gave us the Air!
The Zipline technology borrows heavily from that used for rock & mountain climbing, and featured a double-line with redundancy, providing a safe environment for today's Synergizer.
We slid down cables (wet & dry) and zipped over tree tops (high & low); some of which were as much as 100 ft. above ground-level!  WOW!!!  What a RUSH!!!
(NOW SHOWING on the Multi-media Video channel


Mix and Match Nite Over:

Friday March 30th 2007

It would appear that The Fashion Police were missing in action on Friday March 30th as The Youth Synergy Committee (YSC) hosted the first ever “Mix & Match Nite Over” on the church grounds!
Fashion crimes of all extremes were committed by normally ordinary-looking young people!  For all of you who may have happened to set eyes on any of us that night . . . we sincerely apologize for any shock or visual trauma we may have caused you!

The night began with a film in the upper room which exposed the evils behind Hip Hop music.  This particular film was the topic of an in-depth conversation held a bit later in the night/morning.  The highlights of the event were the Cream Whistle which involved whipped cream and a garbage bag, Aliens Attack, starring lots of huge water balloons and Red Light Green Light 123!
The Fashion show did not disappoint and in the end unfortunately, Natalie’s fluorescent red wig did not guarantee her a place in winners’ row.  Asha Downes and Timothy Farley wowed the crowd with their unique ‘creations’ and won free breakfast in the morning - thanks to Debra and Ruth who helped with the preparation!  It was yummy even though we all had to eat it with spoons (lol)!

Wet & Wonderful!!

Saturday March 24th 2007
Wet & Wonderful!!
Thanks to Lenese Benons and Tour operators of the now-open “SEA-SPI"

(Above - Synergizers geared-up for the time of their life!)

Jesus Army came to Youth Synergy! 

23rd February 2007
Youth Synergy and the entire ‘big church’ were treated to a visit by Jesus Army – a talented group of Christian youth who staged a series of comical scenarios which not only entertained but challenged persons to live for the Lord.

2007 Purity Ball
17th February 2007
Exciting …, Awesome …, Challenging …, described the Purity Ball held at Southern Palms Hotel on 17 February 2007.  This event was spearheaded by T.P.C.’s 2006 Vacation Bible School Teens.
BIG THANKS to Lisa Cummins, Aunty Sophia & Aunty Angela...

Royal Subjects heard The King
30th January 2007

On January 30th, under the direction of D.E.C.S.

(Drug Education Counseling Service) and the S.O.S. (Save Our Schools – Synergy’s school outreach) approximately 200 students from Princess Margaret Secondary School, listened to sound Biblical teaching that challenged them to live God-fearing lives.


They were challenged in the areas of "Making Godly choices" and "Attitudes" by Jullian Armstrong and Pastor Symmonds.




Synergy's New Year Tee-Off
Dec. 31st 2006 - Jan 1st 2007
How did you ring in the New Year?  Did you go to church? Or maybe you and some friends celebrated...! After our Watch-Nite Service, Youth Synergy had a "19th Hole Tee-OFF!"  From: 1AM - 6 AM youth enjoyed arcade-games, pool-tables, dance-off competitions, karaoke etc.
Archives 2006

3 in 1

October 28th 2006

The Morgan Lewis Windmill site was alive with youthful fun, squishy mud and ‘nuff nuff vroom-vrooming’ as the Youth Alive class held their “3 in 1” on October 28th, 2006!
Approximately, 50 young people including class members, teachers and others participated in the day’s activities.  The group that opted for the A.T.V. ride (the biggest of the three events), motored through the winding hills of St. Andrew, swerving and dodging on what turned out to be a morning full of adrenaline.  What was shocking though (especially to the second group), was the meager supply of mud available for splashing, since the rain had literally poured the night before!  Certain persons (namely yours truly) found other creative ways of partaking in the mud by ‘falling off’ the four-wheel-drive machine and landing into a nice pile of it!  What a rush!
One of the other activities held on that day was the Island Safari.  It was just as exciting as a smaller group explored deep down into the back roads of Barbados!  The day climaxed at East Coast Road with a picnic and awesome afternoon games, which helped all those present get to know each other better and get to know God better too! 
Cheers to Lisa Cummins who did a great job planning all the exciting games.  All those who weren’t there missed something big for real, but next time make sure to get your ticket early and come along for the ride!

Synergy Fest 2006
May 6th 2006
If you happened to be in the car park of The People’s Cathedral on May 6th 2006, you would’ve witnessed history in the making!
For the first time ever, church members of TPC and visitors enjoyed an electrifying car park concert, put on by Team A. Hundreds of people (both young and young at heart) turned out and were ministered to by groups like Danah, Gozzy, Neil Crichlow, Praise Academy of Dance as well as some of our ‘home-groups’ – V.O.W., Carla Banfield, Ryan Dottin and Starlene Harris, among others.
There were lots of fun give-aways as M.C.s for the event:  Chesterfiled Ramsay & Melissa Savoury charmed the crowd. There was plenty of food, fun and fellowship as the evening doubled when a change-over ceremony from Team A to Team B took place.  A great time was had by all and many souls were won to Christ as Pastor Symmonds ministered from his heart. The Holy Spirit reigned down on TPC car park that evening!
You can look forward to similar events coming in the very near future.  Make it a point to be there!