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Welcome to our Youth Synergy page.

We’re so glad that you nudged us!  Here at “Synergy,” we treasure your interaction & participation.

This interface affords you our guest, the privilege of browsing, bloging, downloading, and meeting hundreds of youth that synergize with King Jesus.  Plus, you’ll be introduced to the seven Y.S.C. members all of whom are teeming with life and ready to rap!

So Blog & Block!  Check & Click!  Drag & Drop!

…Explore & Enter - into what you might discover - to be one of the most fun-filled, informative and interactive Youth pages around. 

On behalf of the partners & friends of T.P.C.’s Youth Synergy: Thanks for making this site worthwhile!  My prayer is that I’d have the distinct pleasure of personally meeting you. 

Until, God’s choicest blessings.

His, therefore yours,

Rev. André Symmonds


Concept: God-idea!


Conceived June, 2000 A.D, youth of The People’s Cathedral look forward to Friday nights where they share in fun, Christian fellowship and learning.

The name "synergy"  is a scientific term meaning: unity, energy and increase!  When a substance (liquid etc.) is heated and approaches boiling point, it is said that there is "synergy" taking place. As each atom increases in movement, they maintain their bonds within their elements (unity).

So too it is with the Youth of TPC!  With the fire of the Holy Spirit burning in our lives, we too shall be energized to get involved in whatever Christ is doing in these last days!  With this level of commitment, we vow to remain unified in our efforts as we reap Godly benefits of increase in every area of our lives!

The age group of Youth Synergy is 13-30, (even though we have some faithful members who are older but are young at heart.)  ...They add a special flavour to our Friday nights.

A number of ministries focus on the needs of the youth at TPC.  Among these are:

  • The Youth Choir with Neil Titus at the head.
  • The Youth Synergy Worship & Warfare Dancers - headed by Lisa Cummins, who is ably assisted by Cheriece O'neal.  Our Warfare dancers are extremely  energetic and highly anointed!  They usually cause quite a stir when rostered to minister in "Big Church!"  (This Dance Group is separate from, but oftentimes ministers in conjuction with the Maschola Dance group of T.P.C.)
  • The Youth Synergy Worship Team & Band - headed by Russel Blackman.
  • And atleast (3) Sunday School classes which cater to this vast age group.  These are:
  1. Hi-Teens with Andy Downes, Davidson Christmas, Claudette Bryan and Barbara Gittens-Cumberbatch.
  2. The Youth Alive Class led by Pastor ‘Synergy’ Symmonds; assisted by Pastor Stephen & Nicole Alleyne, Lisa Cummins, Wainelle Alleyne and Neil Rouse. 
  3. The Young Adults Class, headed by Pastor Jewell Callender & assisted by Michelle Husbands.

A combination of these classes is what helps to populate Youth Synergy on Friday nights, and for specially planned events.

The Break-down:

Our Logo:

A circle with a threefold cord lining its perimeter representing strength! Two right-hands clasped representing unity & partnership!

One white dove with extended wings representing holiness in approach!

Our Colours:

Red, Blue, Yellow (energy colours!)

Our Slogans:

-"It’s Y’s to synergize!"

-"U 2 can B Y’s!"

-"Y’s In Christ!"