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School Rules / Code

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School Rules

The school’s aim is to create a well-mannered Christian environment in which learning takes place.

  • Any violation of a Biblical Principle is a violation of the School Rules.
  • Any violation of common sense is a violation of the School Rules.
  • Students are expected to observe Christian standards of courtesy, kindness, morality and honesty, and to display a healthy respect for authority, for their fellow students, themselves and their own property, as well as for the property of others.
  • School fees must be paid before the beginning of each term into the church office. The official receipt for school fees must be presented by the student on the first day of each term. A term’s notice must be given in writing of the parent’s intention to withdraw a child at the end of the term.
  • In the event of an emergency, which requires the student to leave school during the course of the day, permission must be obtained from the Principal before or on the day in question, and the permission book must be signed by the parent.
  • Primary school students must be collected as soon after three p.m. as possible and no later than 4:30 p.m. and Pre-school students no later than 3:30 p.m. Remember, teachers are parents.
  • Parents are required to write a note to the Principal when someone other than the person who generally collects the child will be doing so.

    The Principal has the final say on all school rules.


School Code

The school code like everything else in our school has as its basis the creation of a well-mannered Christian environment in which learning tales place.

1. Respect for the Authority

2. Respect for God, the Senior Pastor and the CEO

The School's Position on Discipline

Discipline problems will be handled in the following ways: warning to students, notes to parents, phone calls to parents, detentions, parent-teacher-principal conferences, probation, suspension or expulsion. The teacher and administration use discretion in the classroom discipline of the children.

Should the parent/guardian of any student refuse to allow him/her to submit to any disciplinary measure or obey any rules of the school, that student may be suspended or the parent/guardian may be required to withdraw the child.

Should a student’s attitude continue to be inconsistent with the principles and policies of the school, his/her parent/guardian may be asked to withdraw him/her or student may be expelled.