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Remedial Reading Program

Children generally learn through repetition. The weaker student needs more repetition (reading and writing) than the strong student. Hence, a systematic, constant and regular program is attempted. Given various interruptions such as illness, weak attention span, holidays, delays in starting a homework routine, the student should progress at roughly a month and half per book level or two to two and half book levels per term. Higher levels of learning disabilities such as Dyslexia and hyper-activity generally result in slower progress.

By concentrating on Infants A and B, it is thought that we can avoid severe problems in Class 1 and above. We are trying to tackle the problems associated with the weaker reader as early as possible. The remedial reading program can help the weaker student catch up.

The process taken to help the weaker student is as follows:

The weaker student is identified by their teacher.

Their reading level is determined.

Students start regular sessions either two or three times per week, each session is between 20 – 30 minutes duration.

By completing required vocabulary writing and reading, and attending each session the student progresses through the necessary Book level.

The only requirement is regularly completing the homework and attending the weekly sessions.

There is also a remedial Math program generally for students in Class 1 – 3. The teachers send the student with a problem to the RT. The student practices a specific problem area, in some cases, learning multiplication tables first.

Sometimes remedial English is also done with certain students being seen each afternoon.

In summary, there are usually between 30 – 50 sessions held each week with roughly 25 different students. Ages range from 5 – 10 years.

The grace of God gives the teacher patience, love and strength to do this program.