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In assessing the applicant's potential for success at the West Indies School of Theology, academic capabilities, as well as involvement in church; school and community activities are considered. The application process is designed as a tool for making these assessments of each individual student. Each application is considered on an individual basis, so we encourage you to submit any additional information you think may be helpful to the Admissions Office.

The general application fee is $70 BDS. A biographical essay is required with your application. Tuition fees are $500 BDS per semester[Other options available]. High School (Secondary) and College transcripts should be sent directly in to WIST from the generating instituition.

The biographical essay should explain your Christian faith and how you anticipate it will be influenced by attending WIST. In what ways will WIST assist you in obtaining your life's goals and what contribution do you feel you can make to the WIST community.

Essays should be handwritten and no more than two pages EACH.

If you need assistance, call the Office of Admissions at 1 (246) 429-2145.

Click here to download Preliminary Application Form

Deadline for Submission: TUESDAY, 6TH AUGUST 2013 @ 4:30PM

Click here to download The Description of Courses