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Pre-marital Counseling

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Couples desirous of being married at the People’s Cathedral are required to attend the three months pre-marital classes conducted by a pastoral counselor. The importance of completing this class before you say, “I do” is to help you navigate the complexities of a marriage relationship, whether it is in the area of communication, finances or even parenting skills.

Too many couples adopt a let’s-wait-and-see-what-will-happen-and-address-it-then attitude, thereby setting up their marriage for failure. Pre-marital classes address diverse topics as it relates to married life, thus reducing the likely-hood of a participant's marriage becoming a divorce statistic; especially as it relates to a Christian marriage.

In 2006, a couple of our ministers attended an International Marriage Enhancement Seminar in Phoenix, Arizona. (N.A.M.E.)

Our Marriage ministry has benefited tremendously as a result of this trip. Invaluable information, key contacts and professional training in marital issues, are but a few of the priceless gems which are now available to members and visitors to the Cathedral.  

Under the leadership of Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Holmes Williams, Rev. Joseph and Rev. Symmonds are especially excited about the prospects of fostering a divorce-proof church. It is still God’s “blue-print” for marriages to be built upon His Word, and Christian marriages ought to take the lead in God’s Divine Design. 
Several books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and even professional courses in marriage counseling are now available and can be acquired from TPC’s Marriage ministry. These are suitable for both pre-marital counseling and marital counseling.