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Kids Place - VBS

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VBS 2011: Hero Headquarters

VBS 2008:


Another very successful year of V.B.S.!

Youth Mnister André Symmonds and a complement of faithful volunteers helped pilot this year's one week of VBS.  Our theme "Take The Plunge" challenged close to 60 volunteers, and a daily attendance of almost 400 students to dive into what God had prepared.  It was refreshing...especially to see several teenagers all excited about their involvement and contribution to the worship services.  Under the direction of Pastor Kim, both Worship Team and Band were comprised of all teenagers...congrats on a job very well done!

Once again, the Lord Jesus thrilled our hearts as we witnessed nearly 270 children between the ages of 4 & 16, willingly give their hearts to the Lord.  (There was no "pulling" of teeth.)  Several of these children have followed through with their decision by attending our classes / youth meetings / church services.

If you're reading this, then you must take a moment and view our MOVIE!  It is a "10-minute" clip with digitally-mastered remixes of Gospel music used during the week, blended with a variety of 'still' & 'moving' footage into one dynamic presentation. 

Whatever you do...PLEASE VIEW...!  [Watch]



VBS 2007:


Unprecedented!  VBS 2007: Unprecedented move of God!

Under the direction of Rev. Esther White and family, our 2-week VBS programme witnessed lives changed forever!

During the first week we "Traded Places"!  Youth (ages 4-16) understood what it meant for Christ to be "wounded for our transgressions."  Puppetry, Scripture-memory, Craft, Music with choreographed dancing, etc., all helped to showcase Jesus' taking our sins away!  Powerful, spontaneous prayer meetings erupted, as the Teens graciously and passionately responded.

The second week was "Holy Spirit" week!  It was here where we introduced them (ages 9-16) to the Person of the Holy Spirit.  Days 1 and 2 saw several deliverances take place.  Teens had to be emptied before they could be filled!  Day 3 was a turning point, and the final 2 days saw close to 2 dozen youth receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues.  WOW!!!

The meetings are over, but the fire of God still burns richly in our hearts.  We thank the numerous volunteer workers for their immeasurable sacrifice, Senior Pastor Dr. Holmes Williams for the unique vision, and Special Thanks to the Lord JESUS who helped us record close to 250 decisions.

Whatever you do...PLEASE VIEW...! [Watch]



VBS 2006


Vacation Bible School 2006 was an overwhelming success! Under the outstanding supervision of Rev. Esther White and family, the People’s Cathedral staged what many thought to be “our best and most memorable Vacation Bible School ever held.” The last three decades has seen the Cathedral host annual V.B.S camps; last year we caught what many believed to have been a glimpse of “revival fire!” It swept through the day’s devotional services burning into the hearts of students (aged 4-16); and it witnessed fifty children accept Christ as Saviour. Forty volunteer workers and almost four hundred students “dug” into last year's camp whose infectious theme was “Construction Zone.” We’re thankful to all who played and integral part.